RAPLAB® offers our clients the expertise, convenience and technological sophistication of our Rapaport diamond grading laboratory. Our gemological laboratory efficiently and securely evaluates the quality of your diamonds using the latest technology, with online access to report results and High Definition imaging.

The Rapaport Investment Diamond Certificate (RDC™) conservatively grades diamonds based on Gemological Institute of America (GIA®) standards. Additional gemological information including tint, location and color of inclusions as well as high resolution images are provided online
and with the report.

Rapaport Investment Diamond Certificate (RDC™) is the industry’s most stringent standard for diamond quality. Obtained only by highest quality diamonds, the Rapaport investment diamond certificate separates premium quality from other high quality diamonds. By certifying top quality diamonds the Investment Diamond Certificate provides absolute confidence and assurance of quality and added value.

All Investment Diamond are double tested as they include an additional independent GIA® diamond grading report. The Investment Diamond Certificate will only be issued for the best quality 0.50 ct. and larger, D-H, IF-VS2, excellent cut, polish and symmetry, that meet investment quality standards. Diamonds that lack overall brilliance, have features that limit trade liquidity or have borderline grades may not be issued an Investment Diamond Certificate.

The Rapaport Investment Diamond Certificate is designed to identify the best diamonds in the market while providing the trade, investors and consumers with the highest level of confidence in quality.

Basic Requirements for obtaining a Rapaport Investment Diamond Certificate:

  • Shape: Round Brilliant
  • Size: 0.50 carat and larger
  • Color: D-H
  • Clarity: IF-VS2
  • GIA: A GIA grading report issued within the past two years
  • The diamond must also meet Rapaport Specifications A2 or better.

Obtaining an Investment Diamond Certificate guarantees the diamond’s quality and provides confidence for both buyer and seller, thus paving the way for online diamond transactions. Removing the physical barriers of diamond trading increases ease of sale and enables faster, safer and easier transactions, thus enlarging the overall market.

In addition, Rapaport certified diamonds maintain their market value, making them ideal for investors, looking for portfolio diversification.

The RapNet Diamond Grading Certificate (DGR) provides vital gemological information that enables clients to confidently trade diamonds over the Internet.

This report will be available at the end of Q3 2018.

The RapNet Diamond Grading Report (DGR) grades diamonds based on Gemological Institute of America (GIA®) grading standards. Additional gemological information including tint, location and color of inclusions and Rapaport Specification as well as high resolution images are provided online and with the report.

All diamonds submitted to DGR for grading are tested for synthetics and treatments using the latest De Beers and/or GIA® testing devices.

The RapNet Diamond Grading Report will shortly be available for round half carat and larger that have GIA® grading reports issued within the past two years. There are no color, clarity, cut or Rapaport Specification restrictions.

RAPLAB® employs an experienced team of gemologists that provide authentication verification and consulting services. The laboratory is equipped with sophisticated diamond testing and identification instruments.

  • Synthetic Testing. RAPLAB® uses GIA® and/or DeBeers instruments to test if diamonds are synthetic. We do not test type II diamonds for treatments but can arrange to have diamonds sent to the GIA® for grading.
  • Diamond Verification. RAPLAB® can verify a specific diamond matches an indicated GIA® grading report. The verification process includes Synthetic testing.
  • Consultation. RAPLAB® offers members of the trade an opportunity to meet with our professional gemologists to discuss the grading of specific diamonds.


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RapLab® provides fine quality high definition images of diamonds suitable for internet communication. High level magnification of select areas of the diamond is available enabling buyers to examine diamonds online.

RapLab® services provide clients electronic version of their images for posting onto their websites. Clients may also request that images be automatically posted on the RapNet trading network and RapX diamond exchange.

Images stored on RapLab’s servers may be uploaded to client’s websites with authentication that ensures the image presented online is the untouched image of the specific diamond. Furthermore, images can be populated to the client’s website and distributed to buyers through the RapNet instant inventory program.

For more information about RapLab® images please contact us.