Martin Rapaport New Year Message

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Dear Friends,

Greetings and best wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous
and peaceful New Year.

The New Year is an important time for introspection. For
thinking about our past, present and future.

This New Year has special importance for the Rapaport Group
as we celebrate 40 years of continuous publication of the Rapaport Diamond
Report. While it is nice to announce longevity, celebrate survival and share
perspective, the key issue before us is – what now? What should the Rapaport
Group be doing after 40 years? What goals should we have for the future?

Obviously, we will stay true to our values of creating
ethical, transparent, competitive, efficient markets. We will continue to
introduce innovations that add value and make money for our clients and
ourselves. We will continue to promote good and speak out against wrong. But is
that enough? Is there more that we can and should do?

Fair Trade

After careful consideration, the Rapaport Group has decided
to celebrate its 40-year anniversary by dedicating itself to the creation of
sustainable markets for ethically sourced and fair-trade diamonds and jewelry. While
we will continue to support all legitimate ethical market participants
regardless of size, we will dedicate special resources and efforts to smaller market
participants. In particular, we will go out of our way to create benefit and markets
for artisanal diggers in Africa and small-scale manufacturers in India.

Our first project will focus on artisanal diggers in Sierra Leone.
We will support government efforts to provide tangible benefits to diggers that
sell through legitimate markets. For more information about our efforts, please
read this week’s Bloomberg article “The

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