Rapaport Announces Mission to Sierra Leone

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RAPAPORT… The Rapaport Group is organizing a trip to Sierra Leone for members of the diamond and jewelry trade wishing to gain insight into the artisanal mining sector.The visit will provide an opportunity to meet and interact with the
artisanal digger community in the country. The mission will
promote greater understanding of the role of the artisanal
sector in
the jewelry industry. It will highlight and demonstrate
for profitable sustainable economic development available to
jewelry industry. It will encourage understanding and
building between artisanal diggers and the jewelry trade.
Jewelers, dealers, and diamond manufacturers are invited to
register their application for the trip via https://bit.ly/2Hq2iHU.
The mission will be limited to 25 participants due to strict
logistical limitations. For additional information, please
Please note. This is not a diamond buying trip. While
connections will be available and encouraged our mission is
develop relationships and opportunities for future business
development activity. Participants seeking to buy diamonds
Sierra Leone may be accommodated after the conclusion of the
mission on Friday April 5. Advanced notice of intention to
is required so that we can ensure compliance with all
government regulations.


Rapaport will be providing all ground arrangements.
Including hotels, food,

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