Rapaport Proposes Sierra Leone Diamond Reform

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RELEASE, April 17, 2019, New York … The Rapaport Trade Mission to Sierra Leone
attracted a strong group of 29 international diamantaires and jewelers. Participants were from the
US, India, UAE, UK, Switzerland, Turkey, Canada, Spain, and Israel. For many,
the trip was transformative as they visited the diggers in their villages and
came face to face with the challenges and opportunities confronting the
artisanal digger communities.

Two days
were spent up-country in Kono, where the group met with the paramount chiefs,
visited diggers and digging sites, and had dinner with 50 members of the Kono
District Miners Union. A highlight of the trip was the visit to Koryardu, the
village where the Peace Diamond was discovered. A new medical center, school,
and road are being constructed. For the first time, clean water, sanitation,
and electricity will be provided. The group had lunch with the Alluvial Diamond
and Gold Miners Association and members of the local Lebanese community.

The last
day of the mission featured a Development Diamond Conference in Freetown with
presentations by the Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources, Dr. Morie Manyeh, and the
Minister of Trade and Industry, Peter Conteh, as well as an evening reception
at the home of US Ambassador Maria E. Brewer.

the visit, Martin Rapaport, Chairman of the Rapaport Group, presented a
proposal to the government of Sierra Leone, providing a systematic and
sustainable business model that will optimize the benefit of Sierra Leone’s
alluvial diamonds for the diggers, their communities, and the government. Click
here for the proposal.

diamond diggers of Sierra Leone are as much a part of our in

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